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I have nine years of experience working in the field

of Filmmaking, Digital Art, Motion and Mass Media Communication. 


These years gave me many opportunities to work

with talented people and companies

in many different roles:

Director, producer, animator, photographer, videographer, digital artist,  art director  and more.


The clients over the years have given me the ability and confidence to lead and create for the projects. 


The team members along the way helped materialize the ideas, and my coordination and vision resulted each time in a unique, quality product for the client that they both enjoyed and appreciated. 


This end result is always my goal.



•Maya, Mudbox, Final cut X (7), Redcine-X Pro, Boujou, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator


I try everyday to update my knowledge of art and technology.  

For years I have been taking classes in my spare time to increase my knowledge of animation, storytelling, art history, photography, filmmaking, and various softwares.


One of my most proud accomplishments is teaching myself Maya, Mudbox and Nuke over the course of three years.


Currently, I'm directing and producing my debut short film entitled 'Flesh" using these tools. 

In this project I'm having fun with my artistic side and my visual storytelling.  

Pushing to create something visually arresting, I have been using live action and 3D in Maya and Nuke, combining for stunning visuals in a conceptual piece.  

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